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Changzhou Changliwang Electrical Accessories Co.,Ltd.,To real production + trade patterns and the market at home and abroad, specializing in all kinds of stepper motor, servo motor, brushless motor, stampings, skeleton, shaft and other electrical accessories, the company's products not only the variety is complete, and can be specially according to customers' requirements, quickly and accurately to provide clients with high quality products, enjoys a high reputation both in domestic and foreign markets and between peers. The characteristics of the company are: excellent quality, reasonable price, accurate delivery time.
Company based on domestic, stampings, skeleton, shaft motor fittings related to industry, to provide customers more varieties, high quality products, since users throughout the United States, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Taiwan and other 38 countries and domestic large areas, widely used in aerospace, machinery, medical, automotive and other fields.
The company equipped with advanced precision testing instrument and perfect quality system, strictly control the quality of the product. Companies adhere to the "high standards, high demand, high quality" business philosophy. The company's products to the world's advanced level as the goal, through strict quality control and fast mode of transportation, improve the work quality to provide users with excellent product quality and thoughtful after-sales service, and to "help customers to create sustainable value" as the pursuit of us never slack off.
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