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High-power servo motor to was born

Wuhan huada new motor co., LTD. (huazhong university of science and new motor factory)

Is a professional research and development, production and sales of motor control and drive manufacturers, companies rely on huazhong university of science and multi-disciplinary comprehensive advantages, since the 70 s began to development and production of three-phase, six phase reluctance stepper motor power series, is the domestic first launched one of the commercialization of power step motor manufacturer; In the 80 s did not bear the major projects of national natural science fund "new type of ac drive and motor", development, production and sales of ac servo motor, is the domestic first introduced domestic commercial ac servo motor manufacturers. Independent development and production of the 90 s with sine wave current drive characteristics of three-phase hybrid stepping motor series. Company after decades of development, has formed the ac servo motor, three-phase hybrid stepping motor, three-phase magnetic resistance type stepping motor and the driver matching series of products, and has been widely in machine tool industry, packaging industry, printing industry, textile industry and other industries, products, high cost performance and stability of product quality, won the general customers the high praise. Company pays attention to the good faith, pay attention to service, is your reliable partner.

The company is rolling out high power servo motor drive, overload, stability will ascend to a new starting point, the product will be in the form of 13 years, Beijing exhibition and meet you, hope the broad masses of customers to visit purchase, wish the business is thriving!

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